As an Artist

If you are a Calgary-based artist of any discipline and want to participate in The Hibernation Project, get in touch. Participants are welcome to create work in our spaces (house, yard, garage) on the day of each event, alternatively they can bring work they have created ahead of time. All mediums are welcome, from food to telepathy, and anything in between. 

Kindly note that The Hibernation Project is very DIY and is currently unfunded. In the spirit of “no money, no pressure,” we hope to perpetuate a democratic situation where genuine experimentation can be prioritized freely. A community meal, tools, and other in-kind resources are offered for participating artists. Come hang out with us! 

As a Viewer

Audiences for The Hibernation Project are intimate and friendly, primarily invited via word-of-mouth. All are welcome! If you are interested in attending, get in touch to learn more.

Please note: this is a domestic art series. All participants and viewers are invited into our home in the spirit of warmth, community, self-empowerment, and agency. If you attend, you are entering at your own risk. Treat others with kindness. This is a place of sharing and mutual respect.

Above images by Elyse Bouvier as part of her portrait series at Colour Coding.