Safety Note:

We will be observing AHS Covid Health Guidelines throughout The Hibernation Project. Out of consideration for each other, everyone must agree to wear face-coverings and observe social distancing for any in-person activities. Stay cozy at home if you’re feeling sick. All participants and viewers are invited in the spirit of warmth, community, self-empowerment, and agency. If you attend, you are participating at your own risk. We will all work together to keep each other safe. This is a place of sharing, mutual respect, and kindness. Thanks folks! ❤️

Above images by Elyse Bouvier as part of her portrait series at Colour Coding (Hibernation 2019)

Participate as an Artist

If you are a Calgary-based artist of any discipline and want to participate in The Hibernation Project, get in touch. This year, projects will be located in one of 3 types of spaces:

  • In non-physical space (radio, zoom, liminal space, etc)
  • In shared communal space (parks, parking lots, tobogganing hills, etc)
  • In our yard in the Calgary/Mohkinstsis neighbourhood of Ramsay

If you are participating in a project in our yard, you are welcome to create work on the day of each event. Alternatively, you can bring work you have created ahead of time. All mediums are welcome, from food to telepathy, and anything in between. Contact us for more information.

Kindly note that The Hibernation Project is a DIY, artist-run initiative and is subsequently unfunded. In the spirit of “no money, no pressure,” we hope to perpetuate a democratic situation where genuine experimentation can be prioritized freely. Wherever possible, a community meal, tools, documentation, and other in-kind resources are offered to participating artists. Imperfect experiments are the name of the game. Come hang out with us! 

Participate as a Viewer

Audiences for The Hibernation Project are intimate and friendly, primarily invited via word-of-mouth. All are welcome! If you are interested in attending, get in touch for location details or sign up to receive Zoom invitations for our online events here. This year, artworks will be appearing in a variety of “venues,” from tobogganing hills, to parking lots, to online platforms. Carefully read our list of 2021 Themes for the “location” of each week.

Participants sitting around the fire during Hibernation 2019
Viewers and participants at The Night Sea Journey in early 2020 (pre-COVID)
Digital participants during the latter half of Hibernation 2020